Good Morning

This ended up a lot rougher than I had planned…

Good morning from, Mr. Cumberbatch himself.

Fandom: Benedict Cumberbatch

Warnings: Well… if I had finished it, it would have had more smut… but I almost exploded writing this, so….

Words: 609


You felt a large hand caress your skin, moving from your leg, over your bottom up your back. You smiled then let your eyes flutter open, Ben was laying on his side with his head propped up by his other arm. He looked beautiful, his hair messy with curls standing in odd places because of the mix sleeping and last night’s activities. His eyes were focused but still looked tired, he must not have woke up more than a few minutes than you, he concentrated on his hand that gently feathered over your body causing goosebumps to rise.

You were laying face down and barely covered by the sheets, both of you were completely naked. Your head rested on your right arm that laid across the pillow still admiring Ben as he skimmed his hand along your body.

He paused at the small of your back to trace intricate patterns along your pale side, slowly moving his hand forward forward eventually adding pressure when he curled you his thumb around your hip feeling your sensitive hip bone.

You took a sharp intake of breath to keep from moaning, Ben immediately looked at you, but still keeping his thumb circling around the prominent bone of you hip.

“Good morning.” He smiled tiredly, his voice raspy from sleep but still just as hypnotizing.

You pushed yourself onto your elbows and angled yourself closer to him.

He let go of your hip and combed some of your bangs that laid askew on your forehead to the side before cupping your cheek. You stared into each others eyes for what seemed like hours, you reached up to him and rested your hand so that your fingers settled in his curls behind his ear and your thumb stroked his cheek.

You smiled and bit your lip, “Good morning,” You said in an almost whisper.

He traced your bottom lip with his thumb, pulling your hand away from his face you grabbed his hand and held it there to kiss the pad of his thumb, moving to each individual pad kissing each before kissing the palm of his hand. You then flipped his hand over to kiss his wrist then looked straight into his eyes, he seemed to be in a trance with a half smile on his face.

“You are so beautiful.” He groaned before pulling you to him for a deep kiss.

You got onto your knees and propped your self up with one arm without breaking to kiss and pushing his shoulder back so he would lay back.

Once he obeyed you straddled him and had a hand on either side of his head. You pulled away from the kiss to take a breath and slowly opened your eyes aware that Ben would already be staring up at you. Your hair hung down, like a waterfall on either side of his face, letting strips of light cascade across his face. God, he is so beautiful.

You leaned down once more to peck his lips, then sat up fully exposing your naked body to him. He groaned and grabbed your hips.

“Are you sure you aren’t still sore from last night.” He questioned you running his hands up and down your thighs slowly.

You smirked for a second then rubbed yourself on his growing erection, moaning at the skin to skin contact knowing that you are dripping wet.

“Fuck…” Ben moaned beneath you.

“What do you think?” You smirked still rubbing yourself on him.

He grabbed the back of your neck pulling you down to him before whispering his answer in your ear, “I think you want to be fucked raw, my sweet.”….. asdjk;l;

Okay okay okay…. I can’t even right now… but i suppose if you want me to write the rest of this then let me know, because otherwise I won’t… hahahhahahahahahahahaahahhah I am logging off for the night, my little fangirl heart can’t even right now…

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  • hiddlesmaugHello! I read your Chains and Whips smut shot and I just wanted to say that I loved it! I love when Loki is slightly dominant but not so much, just like how you made him. Great job!:)
  • Thank you darling:) I believe we can blame ophelia-tagloff for all the love of my loki fic;)

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hmm… who is excited for this sleepy Ben fluff i am writing… the only question is, smut or no smut?

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It makes me angry how some people act like they know everything about sub/dom relationships, and bdsm in general.
If you want to understand it you need to research, it can be dangerous if you don’t!

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THE ELEVATOR SCENE GIVES ME BUTTERFLIES!!!!! Actually all of it. I cried for an hour straight!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🔑🔑🔑🔑🔑🔑🔑🔑😱😱😱😱😱😱😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😁😁😁😁😁

I can’t believe I’m posting his but this is so you don’t have to search for it. Don’t judge me monkeys…the books creeped me out. The elevator scene is hot

oh fuck me running.

I am not, was not, a fan of the book, because reasons.

I will be going to see the movie, if only for the FRACKING ELEVATOR SCENE!

We’ll got together…that way we can make sure that we leave after the elevator scene…you in numbers.

Oh good…I wasn’t the only one to watched it this morning :D! I was hanging my head in shame, ha ha.

Let me say this, the books (yes I read all three) were AWFUL. The movie may actually be better than the book, we shall see…trailer looks, uh, promising ;). Especially the elevator scene.

Ok… Not a fan. Although yes, he is a cutie. But I just want to poke my head in here and say: Fic writers! This is what can happen to you.
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Pass this on to your favorite fic writers. But don’t procrastinate too long, get the fuck back to your laptop and write!

YES! THIS! ^^^

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